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Code of Ethics:

The RTCA's constitution requires its members to read, sign and abide by the provisions herein which may apply to each member's particular circumstances -- either as an owner or as a breeder of Rat Terriers -- and to support the Rat Terrier Club of America in the improvement and AKC advancement of Rat Terrier breed.

I agree that as an owner of Rat Terrier I will:

Promote and practice responsible canine ownership and proper canine husbandry. I will endeavor to act in a responsible and courteous manner while in public, which includes keeping my dogs under control at all times as prescribed by the AKC "Canine Good Citizens" standard and to promptly clean up after them.

Foster and promote good sportsmanship in the exhibition, showing or training of dogs in and out of the ring.

Familiarize myself with and abide by the rules of the American Kennel Club as applicable. And thus support, promote and encourage in a cooperative effort to establish the American Rat Terrier as a nationally accepted and duly recognized AKC breed.

Consider the welfare of my Rat Terrier above personal gain or profit.

Be honest in my representations of the Rat Terrier breed, including issues of appearance, temperament and health.

I agree that as a breeder of Rat Terrier I will:

Learn, understand and follow the RTCA and AKC Standard of the Breed and what constitutes the proper conduct of a reputable breeder before I undertake the responsibilities of breeding my Rat Terrier.

Agree to produce litters that promote the improvement of breed and exemplify type, as described in the AKC and RTCA standard and that are free of any disqualifying genetic traits; such as short legs, albinism, hairlessness, brindle or merle colorations and will remove any such disqualified individual and their get from my AKC/RTCA registrations or sterilize them. I agree not to knowingly use individuals whose parents display these disqualifications in my breeding program.

Always consider age, health and the well-being of an individual dog or bitch when making breeding decisions, including individual breed faults and frequency and number of breeding's. I will provide routine veterinarian examination before  breeding -- especially maidens and any individual over 8 years of age. I will never breed bitch before is one year of age and will make sure she is physical sound as well as mentally and physically mature before her first breeding. I will breed ONLY when adequate care in the raising and placement of the pups is reasonably assured.

Breed only healthy stock, that has been tested and examined, and is know to be free of: genetic defect, transmittable diseases, disqualifying faults or unsound behaviors - such as unwarranted aggression or shyness towards humans.

Provide stud dog service only to approved and properly registered AKC bitches, and require proof of such registration, before attempting any mating, contractual or not. Stud owners are required to sign an AKC certificate of service for registration and require the bithc owner to register with AKC.

Keep accurate breeding records, contracts and pedigrees and aid in the prompt and proper registration of all puppies I breed in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations set by the AKC.

Advertise honestly.

Be honest with respect to the health, conformation and temperament of all my Rat Terrier dams, sires and offspring.

Offer a written agreement of sale to all buyers, stating all guarantees and reserving the right to provide a "Limited Registration" for and individual deemed to be of pet quality and deny registration to individuals with unwanted or disqualifying traits.

Place puppies with new owners only after I am convinced that the buyer will provide responsible and humane care for that dog.

Act in a responsible, respectful and helpful manner to all of my peers and puppy owners. To help re-hoe any puppies or dogs of my breeding to the best of my ability should any occasion arise indicating that this assistance is need.

Not knowingly sell to wholesalers, brokers or commercial distributors of any description, including research lab facilities. Use and encourage permanent identification, such as a tattoo, microchip or positive identification through DNA tying.